Identifying Business Benefits of a Multibillion Health Care Platform Investment

A decision foundation for multiple stakeholders

The client's problem

The client was facing one of the largest ever health care platform investments in the public sector. The platform, supporting both operational and administrative processes, was expected to provide tangible and intangible benefits to the client. The client needed assistance in identifying, structuring and quantifying the most significant costs and benefits of the investment and to condense these into an early business case before a potential specific platform was selected. 


Our approach

A team of consultants from Oleto Associates formed a joint team with key client people and followed a four-step process. Firstly, key functionality blocks of a potential new platform were mapped to impacted processes and the relevant addressable baseline costs were determined. This was done based on given requirements of what the platform will do. Secondly, key tangible and intangible benefits were identified and structured. Then, the tangible benefits were estimated in collaboration with the care units and other sources, assuming that the platform would fulfil the requirements in the written specification and that the implementation would be effective, including, e.g., adequate tailoring, testing and training. Finally, the benefit ambition level was approved per process area per care unit by executive stakeholders, before benefits and costs were consolidated and further validated. 


Value delivered

Oleto Associates delivered a clear and positive early business case to the client which was fully approved and committed by the stakeholders in the care units and across. The business case made up a solid decision foundation for stakeholders before the specific platform was selected. Going forward, the business case could also be used for further tailoring to the selected/implemented solution and benefits realisation planning.