Upskilling a Tech Division to Cope With Changing Customer Demands

A tech division needed to rapidly close capability gaps

The client's problem

Following a corporate restructuring, an IT service division found itself lacking key capabilities to deliver on service agreements to its internal and external customers. As a consequence, the division needed to rapidly identify and obtain the necessary competences to improve its delivery model, including increasing the cost-efficiency.


Our approach

Oleto Associates rapidly formed a team and mobilised in close collaboration with the CIO and other key employees in the division. Firstly, the joint client/Oleto team identified all activities and services the unit was responsible for executing internally and towards external customers. Secondly, the customer portfolio was segmented, including identifying which customers were provided which services. Thirdly, it was assessed which services the organisation could no longer provide with the currently available capabilities (pain points). Subsequently, scenarios with different approaches to address these pain points were developed and evaluated in collaboration with the management. For the preferred scenario, key initiatives were detailed and included in an implementation plan addressing how to close the identified pain points. During this work, the cost base was also analysed as a basis for short & long-term cost-performance improvement initiatives, each detailing the distinct cost savings & owners.


Value delivered

Cost savings equivalent to approximately 20% of the addressable budget when fully implemented without impacting the service quality. Stabilised operations and ability to deliver according to customer agreements.