Developing business cases & reaping the benefits

Learn how to develop effective decision proposals and manage the benefit capture over the lifecycle

Course title: Developing business cases & reaping the benefits


  • Summarise why proposals and business cases are important to identify and realise benefits
  • Learn how to develop and structure baselines, market analyses, investment scopes, impact assessments, and implementation plans
  • Improve your skills in financial modelling and managing business case assumptions (cash flow, NPV, sensitivity analysis etc.)
  • Put your skills to work on some practical exercises and your own cases or business issues
  • Learn how to use business cases as a tool to support decision making AND benefit realisation¬†

Intended audience:

General managers, BU managers, program managers, project managers, business developers, financial analysts


Day 1 - Laying the foundations for developing a strong business case:

  • Why proposals and business cases are important & effective ways to structure and communicate them
  • Tools and templates to be used in the business case development course
  • Critical baseline components to develop in a business case such as revenue, EBITDA and cost breakdowns, customer and service portfolio analyses
  • Important market and competitor perspectives such as industry value chains, market sizing and forecasting, competitor profiling, market attractiveness evaluation
  • Own case work, exercises and plenum presentations during session, incl. preparation for day 2

Day 2 - Impact analysis and evaluation:

  • Investment scoping - how to identify and generate relevant scenarios supporting it and critical aspects to cover
  • How to evaluate business impact for identified scenarios using qualitative and quantitative measures, e.g., scenario 0 (do nothing) vs. full transformation
  • How to to structure and use cashflow analysis, net present value analysis, internal rate of return and payback time analyses to evaluate investments
  • Key principles for effective implementation planning, incl. degree of detailing, ways to structure plans, how to align on expectations within and across the project organisation
  • Own case work, exercises and plenum presentations during session, incl. feedback and recommendations for future improvements


Practicing management consultants who would love to share knowledge with participants


Courses will be provided physically or virtually depending on official guidelines and client preference


2 days


  • 1-5 participants: DKK 10,000 per participant (excl. VAT)
  • 6 or more participants from one company: DKK 8,000 per participant (excl. VAT)


To register please send an email to [email protected].