Virtual Collaboration WFH

Consider work performance, tech setup, mental and physical health of your WFH employees

Key challenges

Working from home (WFH) has proven to have many advantages: No commute, flexible, better work/life balance, reduction of distractions, reduced stress, improved health. But as many companies are adopting permanent "virtual first" or "half week from home" policies a series of challenges must be addressed:

  • How should the employee address the lack of social relations, difficulty in obtaining trust and forming working relationships?
  • What should be done to separate work and life, as they tend to blend together?
  • How can ad-hoc learning from peers be improved in the virtual environment?
  • What should be done to improve ergonomics in the home setup?
  • Should compensation and policies for absence be changed?
  • What is the adequate WFH technology to ensure virtual presence and collaboration, e.g., connectivity, audio, video, workflow, software, drawing?


Our services

This is a new service area being shaped by as we are conducting the first wave of projects.

Services include: 

  • WFH policy setting
  • Design and implementation of WFH technology kits 
  • Training in virtural collaborative 

Most relevant for: CXO management team , CTO, CIO, Head of HR 


Examples of our proprietary concepts and methods

  • WFH policy requirement definition sheet
  • Predefined scenarios depending on needs
  • Case libraries
  • Mock up of technology setups

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