Mission & Vision

Our client mission:

Deliver distinctive results to our clients through structured and creative problem solving – seamlessly combined with industry, functional & technology expertise

More specifically: 

  • Distinctive results: Having a passionate drive for helping others achieve great results which last. We focus on situations where we can make a real impact resulting in increased financial value for the company's shareholders, as well as increased value for customers and employees.
  • Structured problem solving: Applying the full set of structured problem-solving techniques while adding experience, judgement and creativity. Always thinking "top-down" first on any problem while supporting with selective "bottom-up" analysis based on our extensive set of frameworks, techniques, templates and best practices. This also involves establishing a clear, no-nonsense, fact-based view on our clients' situation, issues and opportunities and constantly striving for the highest standards in written and oral communication.
  • Creative and tailored approaches: We customise the process and the recommendation/solution to each client's unique problems and needs. We seek to be creative through out the process to avoid "cookie-cutter" work that does not add value. We work closely with the client's leaders and staff to co-develop the solution and transfer capabilities to the client organisation. We form and lead integrated high-performance teams and thereby strengthen the skill set of client managers and staff as part of the project. 
  • Industry, functional & technology expertise: We have deep expertise in strategy, M&A, digital, commercial, operations and organisation. We also have extensive experience in energy, financial services, life sciences and TMT. Almost all of our projects involve considering the implications of modern digital solutions and marketplaces.


Our people mission:

Foster an intellectually stimulating work environment for the most capable, curious and ambitious people

This entails:

  • Professional pride coming from strong mastery of the management consulting craft
  • Intellectually stimulating work that provides significant opportunities for professional growth
  • Contemporary thinking where technology blends naturally into a human beings' life and complex business environments
  • Teamwork and knowledge sharing, including modern agile problem-solving approaches
  • Open and frank feedback
  • High quality surroundings inspiring high performance


Our vision:

To become the “go to” strategy & management consulting firm for highly difficult business & technology problems

Clients should recognise that we consistently deliver the highest sustainable value creation, via:

  • The strongest analytical rigour 
  • The best ability to think through end-to-end value realisation for each client
  • The highest written quality, carefully curated to the individual client
  • The best possible client collaboration process
  • The most qualified people
  • The most seamless blend of industry, functional and technology expertise