Career Path

Fast paced generalist track - no pigeon holes

Management consulting is all about continuous professional and interpersonal development, in particular strategy consulting. Every day is full of opportunities for applying previous experience, acquiring new skills, mixing analysis with creativity and finding ways to stretch yourself. Most people thoroughly enjoy the daily intellectual challenges and working with top management topics relatively early in their careers. To stay successful as a management consultant you need exceptional problem-solving skills, genuine client dedication and strong passion and drive.

Being pigeonholed means other people are putting up boundaries around you and let you do the same type of project again and again. With us, you will become a true problem-solving generalist by working on a multitude of different projects both within different industries and different topics. We do not “fence you in” a narrow practice/specialist team early in your career. You will be part of a dynamic and result-oriented team. Unlike many of the larger consultancies you will be working daily and directly with very senior colleagues to accelerate your career development process. You should also expect to be exposed to client executives very rapidly.

You should therefore expect a steep learning curve and a rewarding career whether you make management consulting your profession of choice or continue your career outside.

Below you will find the career path within Oleto Associates. Experienced candidates might enter at any level depending on qualifications:


Primarily responsible for

Key activities

Typical experience of consultants in this role

Business Analyst

Research modules

Conduct research, gather data, perform quantitative analysis, present findings

Bachelor’s degree with good results and good interpersonal skills

Associate Management Consultant

Analysis modules

Drive research, perform client interviews, gather data, perform qualitative and quantitative analysis and present findings from an analysis module

Master’s degree with good results and excellent interpersonal skills

Senior Management Consultant

One or more problems in a project

Identify issues, define and structure problems, facilitate client workshops, drive analysis, synthesize findings, manage clients in work stream, develop deep knowledge in one functional area or industry

Master’s degree and 1-2 years of consulting in high-performance environment

Engagement Manager

Solving the top level problems in a project

Define overall problem, manage process, structure problems in workstreams, managing client relationships, manage team, consolidate project findings, develop deep knowledge in several functional areas or industries

Managing a large full-time consulting project with multiple work streams

Associate Principal

Managing the delivery of multiple simultaneous projects

Manage multiple teams, develop client relationships, scope client challenges into specific projects, oversee project financials

Experience with managing several large multiple consulting projects in parallel and ability to develop lasting client relationships

Senior Partner

Optimising value creation at more clients

Follow client journey, scope high impact projects, drive problem-solving on projects, quality assure deliverables, manage executive client relationships, develop sought after expertise on several relevant topics

Significant documented results from a broad portfolio of clients