Six principles underpin the work we do for our clients

A boutique consultancy with a top management approach may sound like a contradiction in terms, but not for us. We believe that while a client's top-level issue typically occurs within corporate strategy, m&a, digital, commercial, operations or organisation, the solution is often multi-faceted. Therefore, we specialise in business problems which require a rigorous, multi-disciplinary and tailored approach, see below illustration. 

Our principles

Underpinning all the work we do for our clients are six principles:


#1. Problem driven

We are here to solve top management business problems. We help clients identify the real root causes behind the problems they see. This means that we might redefine the problem several times during a project, constantly ensuring that we are solving for the right thing. In many ways, this is where the "house of experts" consulting model fails. We do not send out a narrowly focused expert team early in a project, like "hammers looking for nails". However, we apply deep expertise once we know where the problem is. Clients will collaborate with high quality, reliable and trustworthy consultants who are general problem solvers with relevant subject matter expertise – not consultants “pigeonholed” into narrow and often competing practices, looking to duplicate a certain solution from client to client.


#2. Always tailor, no one-size fits all

We develop several problem solving frameworks every week. They are tailored to the exact problem the client is facing today, not found in an extensive library of ready made standard frameworks just waiting to be "pushed out" to the clients. Nevertheless, we do have our own Oleto library of concepts, methods, frameworks and tools that we can seek inspiration from and then tailor further for a particurlar client situtation. We are committed to always designing a custom approach and always deliver – not just processing clients' issues through a generic method hoping it will fit the client's situation.


#3. Facts first, beliefs second

We are known for analytical rigor. Always spending time with the clients to make sure the starting point and recommendations are well backed up by a series of facts. However, when it comes to looking into the future and "what might happen" in a market place, we use creative scenario generation as a way of exploring the solution space and the implications for the client. Our extensive experience has also lead to a number of own beliefs on what works and what does not in a modern and complex business environment. 


#4. High touch senior involvement

Our most senior resources are "playing coaches" actively involved in the problem solving. We do not have a sales organisation, all consultants are dedicated to helping the clients solve the real problems. Our consultants will blend into the client's team and transfer knowledge and capabilities – not isolate themselves and only communicate to top management.


#5. No business/technology divide

While some problems originate with a technology angle and other from a business angle, nowadays all strategy work would probably has a tech angle to it somehow. We are committed in our work always to consider technology related opportunities and risks in any problem we are asked to look at. For us there is no business/technology divide.


#6. Strategy foremost, implementation exclusively for strategy clients

Our core capabilities lie within strategy. But we will take on implementation work if we have been significantly involved in the strategy, and we agree with the strategy and if we are specifically asked by the client to help them through the next phase.