Cloud Value Potential for a Multi-Vertical Software Company

When migrating to the public cloud there is no one size fits all - careful fact-based strategies are needed

The client’s problem

The owners and executive management of a large Scandinavian software provider considered rapidly migrating their IP software products and entire infrastructure setup to the public cloud to satisfy increasing customer requirements, simplify current setup and improve the operational performance. The feasibility of that decision, however, was complicated by lack of critical detailed IP product technology insight and infrastructure setup transparency, thereby posing a very high business risk which needed to be addressed before a decision could be made.


Our approach

Oleto Associates mobilised a team and executed the work in an intensive 6-week process. First, the current product technology landscape and infrastructure operations model setups were detailed for 75+ IP products from 20+ departments. Secondly, pain points caused by current tech and infrastructure setups were identified and consolidated for each product. Thirdly a catalogue of improvement initiatives to address these pain points were developed and aligned with the product owners. Finally, an incremental public cloud migration journey was designed for the company based on a set of defined business and technology feasibility criteria, incl. intermediate improvement steps for those products not suitable for public cloud migration.


Value delivered

Avoided rushing all products to public cloud and thereby significantly reduced business risk and refactoring costs. Furthermore, the increased tech transparency, made available to the product owners, enabled improved cross department productivity via best practice knowledge sharing. Same transparency enabled additional identification of potential product technologies to harmonize upon time of renewal thereby enabling additional future value for the business.