Combating Rising Ops & IT Costs at a Financial Incumbent

Structural scenarios to address increasing costs and increase time-to-market

The client's problem

A large universal bank was facing several business and technology challenges. The bank wanted to decrease time-to-market for new digital products through the use of a more modern technology setup. Furthermore, the aftermath of the financial crisis had resulted in a growing number of regulations, increasing the need to reduce cost.

Our approach

Oleto Associates supported a joint team effort for reducing costs across the digital technology value chain, while ensuring the ability to deliver future solutions. The current setup was analysed, future scenarios identified, the direction confirmed and an overall transformation roadmap outlined. A cost reduction plan was developed after having assessed an extensive set of levers and their potential impact. The various analyses were summed up in a business case and action plan.

Value delivered

The project outlined a journey for how to significantly reduce costs. Furthermore, it helped the incumbent realign the investment portfolio.