Improving business case capabilities in management teams

The client’s problem

Following a comprehensive and complicated project focused on a 360 degree business strategy review, the executive management wanted to strengthen the business case development capabilities in the company to support the future growth journey and the investment decisions. The initial scope was to train business line managers, rising stars and members of the core support teams, however, before starting, members of the executive management also signed up for the training.


Our approach

After having settled on the ambition, scope and format of the training we customised a three full day workshop for 15 participants, incl. tailoring all exercises in the curriculum to the company and industry. The workshops were executed by two senior co-workers in a combination of traditional class room training, individual & group exercises and plenum discussions. Throughout the workshop great emphasis was put on giving direct feedback and supporting the participants in articulating and capturing the learnings so they could be applied in practice afterwards.


Value delivered

Significant boost in the participants’ ability to develop, document and evaluate growth and investment business cases.