Improving Commercial Performance in Large Software Development Firm

Rethinking go-to-market approach and ensuring a smooth transition towards it

The client’s problem

A multi billion Danish kr. software development and IT services consulting firm was struggling with their customer sales and service delivery setup which resulted in decreased profitability for multiple business divisions. The firm had very limited success in cross-sales across divisions, despite significant customer overlap, and the customers demanded more specialised and comprehensive service provisioning (full service provision) as well as a single point of contact setup.


Our approach

Oleto Associates mobilised a team and executed the work in a 3 month project. First the current strategy and go-to-market approach was diagnosed, incl. their customer portfolio (5000+ customers), solution value propositions (250+ products and services), used channels and financial performance. Secondly, the operating model was analysed, incl. their business processes, organisational structure, governance setup and roles & responsibility split. Thirdly, a new vertically focused commercial operating model was designed, incl. redesigning the organisational structure, reassigning customer ownership and P&L responsibilities, developing new governance setup aligned with overall business targets, reallocating 1000+ employees, developing a role description catalogue for new roles in the new organisation and redefining key commercial business processes. Finally, a detailed implementation plan was created to launch this transformation initiative, incl. in-house communication material to address potential issues and support the change management effort.


Value delivered

Improved commercial performance in direct customer sales, cross sales and simpler customer delivery processes with less change of hands. Furthermore, a simplified organisational structure with clear responsibility and accountability.