International Growth Strategy for an Offshore Service Provider

Roadmaps focused on achieving profitable growth and an aligned leadership team dedicated to cross functional collaboration

The client's problem 

A large and complex multi-service provider to the offshore energy sector was determined to improve its top-line growth and profitability to further utilise its capabilities in key markets and wanted a clear roadmap for each major business line over a period of five years. Some of the key dilemmas included: Target current vs. new industries, maintain service portfolio vs. providing additional services, defend current geographical markets vs. entering new and acquire vs. organically grow.

Our approach

Oleto Associates formed a team to perform a 360-degree strategy review consisting of three overall stages. The first stage focused on developing a deep understanding of the client’s complex business including, e.g., financials, customer portfolio and dependencies, market share, market position compared to competitors and role in the industry value chain. Several key customers were additionally interviewed to create both an inside out and outside in perspective. In the second stage, deep dive market attractiveness business cases were made for each business line, covering multiple geographical markets including analyses such as, e.g., industry trends, market segments, size and growth rate, competitive situation and profitability level per service type. Based on performed analyses, stage three focused on developing and evaluating several strategic scenarios the client could utilise to optimise its business. Subsequently, investment plans and implementation roadmaps were created for each business line to facilitate rapid value capture. 


Value delivered 

A clear and uniform anchored corporate strategy, including detailed roadmaps for each business line, focused on achieving profitable growth, a fact based view on market expansion opportunities (resulting in millions in savings) and an aligned leadership team dedicated to cross-functional collaboration.