New Way of Working in Oil & Gas Megaproject

Aligning onshore and offshore activities, resources and organization towards common goals

The client’s problem

A large energy international energy company had launched a megaproject to build new off-shore assets in an ambitious time period. The client wanted to make sure that all onshore and offshore resources were dedicated towards the required deliverables in the most optimal way.


Our approach

As an integrated part of the large project Oleto Associates helped the client on 3 key topics. First, a clear working methodology was established, including key activities, work streams, deliverables per workstream and hand-over gates. Secondly, the organizational structure was designed to fit the working methodology. This involved evaluating several organizational scenarios, and considering cultural elements in the design and the interfaces between onshore and offshore activities. Thirdly, a performance management setup was implemented, including link to key digital systems and dashboard to track progress.   


Value delivered

Increased efficiency and transparency was a key contributor to the project achieving its major goals.