Optimising Performance Management Setup in Large European Bank

Generating lasting impact via high level of business transparency and alignment

The client’s problem

A major universal bank with a multi-billion IT spend needed to significantly step up its performance management as a “business unit” by implementing best practice IT metrics for its transformation activities and daily business operations.


Our approach

Oleto Associates mobilised a team and executed the work during a 6-week process. Firstly, the existing performance reports and detailed business needs were consolidated and analysed for multiple layers of management, incl. executive level. Secondly, individual metrics were designed and structured in a “metric tree”, clearly illustrating the relationship between the different metrics and levels. Thirdly, customised performance dashboards were designed and developed for the different business managers, covering key business areas, e.g., cost, HR, projects, infrastructure operations performance. Fourthly, the report generating engine and data model required to generate and utilise the different dashboards was designed, incl. required entities, attributes and relations. Finally, the dashboards were put in production and the bank’s performance was benchmarked with peers.


Value delivered

Created a uniform and intuitive management reporting setup with a clear link between performance measures, business value, and requirements across the organisation. Furthermore, the management became aligned around what critical aspects of the business to manage performance for via best practice metrics which also provided them with the capability to automatically generate the performance dashboards as needed.