Carve out & divestment of a business division

Rigid planning and execution was required to succeeed

The client's problem

A major private equity firm was looking to sell a large business division from one of its portfolio companies. The portfolio company was a significant player in the Nordic region and had itself aquired several businesses over time. Given the value at stake and the complexity of the situation, the client wanted a well-defined scope and well-managed carve out process.


Our approach

Oleto Associates formed a team with the client and set up an extensive programme to ensure adequate preparation, planning, and separation of the business division to be carved out while minimising daily business disruption. The work included, e.g., scoping, Day 1 preparation, communication planning, target design, definition of transition services, handover planning, IT migration, tracking, monitoring of compliance with TSAs as well as addressing other challenges during the initial separation period.


Value delivered

Completed divestment to the successful buyer. Decreased time and effort for transition. Lower transactional risk.