Developing the Next Generation Network Offering

Providing new world-class managed connectivity products and an unprecedented B2B digital experience

The client’s problem

A large European technology and communication service provider wanted to grow its business and further expand its current market offering with new extended connectivity services. The client, however, was unsure of what features and functionalities to include in the offering as well as how to setup the development and delivery of it in the most effective and efficient way.


Our approach

Oleto Associates mobilised a team and executed the work over the course of an intensive 2 months process. Firstly, the customers’ and known in-house requirements for the network offering were consolidated. This further included designing and mocking up a desired digital customer journey which would provide the customers with a superior digital experience. Secondly, the future IT stack required to sell, develop, operate, maintain and support the extended connectivity offering was determined, incl. the required data model and fit with current IT landscape. Thirdly, the organisational blueprint for the new venture was designed, incl. interfaces, key roles & responsibilities and governance setup. Finally, the implementation plan to launch this venture was created, incl. developing a rough business case and evaluating the most suitable sourcing setup and providers.


Value delivered

Accelerated market launch of the new extended connectivity services with a clearly communicated and aligned roadmap and investment plan.