Group-wide IT Strategy for a Large European bank

Realigned business IT investment portfolio, enabled efficiency based IT cost savings and optimised business IT collaboration

The client’s problem

A major universal bank with a multi-billion IT spend needed a clear future direction for IT, linking the IT strategy to business priorities and improving business-IT collaboration. The IT strategy had to meet a complex mix of high investment demands from various business units, including requirements related to regulation, risk and efficiency.

Our approach

Oleto Associates worked closely with a client strategy team to define the future IT strategy around four business objectives: customer-driven growth, product-driven growth, efficiency and improved risk management & reporting capabilities. During the initial part of the project, a detailed picture of the current situation was established, including business requirements, investment portfolio, IT system landscape, cost breakdown, sourcing mix and assessment of the IT delivery model. In the second part a "gap analysis" was performed, defining which changes within IT would create the most value for the business, whilst also improving efficiency. Further to this, the target picture for the IT delivery model was defined in order to improve IT governance and optimise sourcing of both technology and workforce. During the project, the analysis also showed that the majority of the bank’s IT investments were directed towards one business unit, and the strategy therefore needed to consider how to balance the IT investment portfolio. The third part of the project provided a detailed implementation plan and a roadmap for the future development of the IT area.


Value delivered

Realigned business IT investment portfolio enabled efficiency-based IT cost savings and optimised business-IT collaboration.