Strengthening Project Evaluation for Large R&D Projects in the Energy Sector

Reduced time-to-market and risk in handling large and complex R&D projects

The client’s problem

A division in a large European energy company needed to rethink and improve their setup for handling large international and domestic R&D and construction investment projects.


Our approach

Oleto Associates mobilised a team and executed the work in a 2 month project. First, the project portfolio was analysed to understand the nature of the business needs and key internal and external stakeholders in detail. Secondly, pain points, root causes and key strengths in current project setup was diagnosed and validated, e.g., issues with the project model and standard deliverables, project gate evaluation criteria, role & responsibility split between units, cross department interfaces, performance measurement setup used. Thirdly, a new project model and organisation was designed, incl. department roles & responsibilities, critical interfaces, governance setup and collaboration model (also included project resource sharing principles). Finally, key project role descriptions were developed and employees were selectively reassigned accordingly.


Value delivered

Improved time-to-market for new major R&D and construction projects, reduced risk compared to previously used setup and clear end-to-end project ownership with reduced number of change of hands for each project.