M&A Strategy

Often a high risk high reward game

Key challenges

M&A failure rates are very high, above 50% according to some surveys. Companies wanting to create value using structural growth levers are experiencing many barriers and risks to overcome:

  • Which type of acquisitions should be targeted?
  • Is it valuable to split up the company?
  • What are the key synergies to be expected and what are they worth?
  • What about the cultural aspect?
  • How should the transition process be structured and carried out to minimise the risk?


Our services

We are involved in the entire life cycle of transactions. From screening, pre-deal planning to post merger integration and value capture after the transition execution.

Services include: 

  • Market screening
  • Target strategy
  • Valuation analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Transition planning
  • Post merger integration (PMI)
  • Divestiture execution
  • Carve out execution
  • Post deal transformation and value capture

Most relevant for: CEO, CFO, Head of M&A

Examples of our proprietary concepts and methods

  • Pre-defined methodology for market screening
  • Proved approach for M&A planning, including transition towers, governance and management of interfaces with legal tracks
  • Day-one readiness check lists
  • Synergy assessment sheets
  • Transformation planning templates

Selected case studies

Consolidation strategy for a major energy company

Consolidation strategy for a major energy company

The power generation business in one of Europe’s major energy companies was established as a separate business area and…

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